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Maintaining a Healthy Skin Barrier and Aging Skin

Attractive older woman with moisture on her face
As we age, maintaining a healthy skin barrier becomes increasingly important for overall skin health. This protective layer serves as our first line of defense against external aggressors and helps retain moisture, keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. Gentle, clean plant-based skincare rich in fatty acids, and antioxidants that help combat free radicals, and humectants that can replace moisture and lipids that have decreased in the skin can help support a healthy, resilient skin barrier.
May 01, 2024 — The Caraline Team

Vegan Skincare: What Does It Mean and Why Does It Matter

Word vegan spelled out with vegetables and beans
Whether you’re looking for vegan skincare products that align with a cruelty-free philosophy or you simply want to care for your skin with quality, plant-based products, you’ll find all that and more with Caraline Skincare.  Learn more about vegan and cruelty-free and why it matters.
April 22, 2024 — Aaliyah Alexander - The Caraline Team

The Ultimate Face Mist Guide: Hydration and Nourishment for Your Skin

Face mists are hydration heroes and an effective way to take your skincare routine to the next level. With their hydrating, refreshing, and targeted properties, they can help you achieve a healthy, nourished complexion that glows.  Adding face mist to your skincare routine is an easy way to hydrate the skin throughout the day and is also an effective way to feed the skin essential nutrients that keep it nourished and supported. 
April 15, 2024 — Aaliyah Alexander - The Caraline Team

7 Reasons You Should Be Using Face Oils in Your Skincare Routine


Plant-based face oils provide significant benefits for aging skin, which is why we love to use them in our Daily Nourish Face Oil.  They are loaded with nutrients that support and rejuvenate the skin. Plus, they are vegan and cruelty-free!

March 28, 2024 — Aaliyah Alexander, The Caraline Team

Discover the Magic of Cranberry Seed Oil for Your Skin

Fresh cranberries in a wooden bowl on a board


Ingredient Spotlight: When it comes to nourishing and revitalizing the skin, few natural ingredients can rival the remarkable benefits of cranberry seed oil. Derived from the seeds of the cranberry fruit, this nutrient-rich oil has gained recognition for its ability to nourish and support the skin.

March 15, 2024 — The Caraline Team

Wabi-Sabi and the Beauty of Imperfection and Aging

Wabi Sabi symbol

Time and experience have their own beauty and the imperfections we’ve picked up are part of our story.  Recognize that as we age we give up our physical freshness but gain mental strength and wisdom.  Wabi-sabi is looking at the imperfections of the world and transforming them — not by changing them, but by changing how we relate to them. 

March 06, 2024 — Emily Carlin

Prickly Pear Oil: Powerful Benefits for Older and Aging Skin

Prickly Pear cactus with several red fruit
Ingredient Spotlight: Renowned for its rejuvenating properties and nutrient-dense profile, prickly pear seed oil is recognized as having a wide range of benefits for older, mature skin.  Rich in vitamins E and K, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, prickly pear oil is a superfood for the skin. Learn more about this wonderful oil!
February 28, 2024 — The Caraline Team

The Nonsense of Anti-Aging Skincare

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Every day, women are bombarded with messages that tell us aging is something to be ashamed of or resisted at all costs.  Our culture places value on youth, with aging seen as something to 'fight'. The term 'anti-aging' comes with obvious negative connotations as a judgment:  youth is good, aging is not. 
February 02, 2024 — Laura Coblentz

Keeping Skin Hydrated and Healthy with a Face Mist

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Hydration mists not only provide an instant burst of moisture and help to combat dryness and dehydration, but they can also deliver a boost of nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and botanical extracts that revitalize the skin.  
February 01, 2024 — The Caraline Team

The Ultimate Guide to Sea Buckthorn Oil for Skin

 Ingredient spotlight: Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and plant sterols, Sea Buckthorn seed oil provides a wide range of benefits for older skin and is a key ingredient in Caraline Daily Nourish Face Oil. Read more to learn why we love this plant oil.

January 04, 2024 — The Caraline Team

Benefits of Plant-Based Oils for Mature Skin

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One of the primary characteristics of skin with a story – i.e., older skin, is a decrease in natural oil production and a loss of elasticity. There are a lot of opinions out there about what products and routines are best for older skin, but we are big fans of face oils and the numerous benefits they provide for skin with a story.  The Daily Nourish Face Oil, made with vegan, plant-based oils, is wonderfully protective and supportive of the skin.

December 18, 2023 — The Caraline Team

Finding Harmony in Aging: The Taoist Way

Taoist symbol of Yin and Yang
In today’s world, aging is often seen as a challenge, a decline, and something to be feared. But what if there was a different way to approach the aging process? Taoism embraces the wisdom and beauty that comes with time, and aging is not something to be feared or resisted, but rather a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner growth.
December 05, 2023 — The Caraline Team