The Caraline Mission

Two older women cross-country skiing

Redefining what aging looks like

Our mission is to redefine what aging looks like. Caraline Skincare is not a traditional beauty brand. It is a wellness brand with a particular point of view regarding health, skin, and how we live our lives as we grow older. Caraline is about feeling good about ourselves and how we feel is defined by confidence and empowerment.

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Focused on the needs of older skin

We focus on the unique characteristics and needs of older skin and have created products made with nutrient-rich, nourishing plant botanicals and oils to address those needs and support long-term skin health.

Nutrition is key to health - as they say, you are what you eat.  The same goes for your skin. We believe that building strong, resilient skin is one of the hidden keys to healthy skin long-term.  Plant-based actives composed of nourishing botanicals and extracts offer some amazing ingredients that help hydrate, nourish, and protect our skin. 

Two attractive women in their 50's looking at the camera

A rebellious bunch

We’re a rebellious bunch, and we refuse to participate in the age-shaming perpetuated by the beauty industry. You’ll never hear us using terms like “anti-aging” or “anti-wrinkle.” Instead, we’re pro-you, pro-us, pro-empowerment of women at every age. We know skincare is about skin wellness, about face, not facade. It’s about the real you shining through.

We all want to look good––and feel good about how we look. Where we are on this journey, right here right now, is magnificent and beautiful. 

Caraline Skincare. We believe we’ve earned every damn beautiful line.