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Caroline face mister and oil are amazing

The products make my face feel so fresh and soft. Easy to use for those of us who like basic routines. Natural ingredients a bonus. Thank you Caraline!

Wonderful good for you products!

I won these products and am in insant love.This is an honest review though because I want to represent exactly how I felt about them. The hydrating mist is something i keep with me. I have always enjoyed spraying my face multiple times a day for hydration and again these ingredients are fantastic. The oil is simple and effective with good for you ingredients. It’s not too heavy and is not greasy. Wonderful products for a healthy aging face!

Wonderful products

Just started using your wonderful products. I have tried so so many "special" oils and "anti aging lotions and potions and you've by far, have the best. Both products are hydrating and absorb easily into my 71 year young skin, making it look healthy and plump and moist. No irritation to my very sensitive skin. Thank you

Hydrates after sun/wind/sports

I live in the dry high plains and love to hike and bike. Following a post-workout shower, the Caraline face mist refreshes and the oil combats the effects of the sun and wind. Even the soft scent is soothing!

Glowing Radiance - Five Stars: Mist and Face Oil Perfection!

I've been using Caraline Daily Hydrate Face Mist and Daily Nourish Face Oil for a month. Absolutely love the hydrate face mist! It's like a refreshing burst of hydration for my winter-weary skin. The face oil is also a wonderful addition to my skincare routine. It absorbs quickly, leaving my skin radiant and hydrated. Five stars for these amazing skincare products. Linda W.

Appreciative customer

I love the facial oil product! The aroma is pleasant and appeals to me. It has a botanical, earthy quality that I really like. I find the weight and consistency of the oil to be just right. It covers evenly and absorbs well with a lasting, moisturizing feel, leaving my skin softer with a nourishing glow. I’ve been using facial oils for some time now and have a few favorites. Caraline gets high marks from me and I will definitely reorder. Thanks for encouraging.our self care with this lovely product! Jenni

I love it!

My skin feels great after each use. I highly recommend it.

Really makes a difference

I have experimented, tried it in the morning, bedtime, everyday, every couple days, you will find your own routine. But using Caraline means I don't need to use primer. And I'm 66. I'd been using it for 2 weeks before a photo shoot and my skin looked a lot better, healthier.

My fave!

My new favorite duo. The spray scent is beautifully delicate. My skin has responded so well to both the spray and the oil. This is now my entire routine!

Daily Hydrate & Nourish Duo is a game changer!

I've lived in Colorado for more than 25 years and have, literally, spent THOUSANDS on hydrating masks, serums and moisturizers over the years. With naturally dry -and now aging - skin, it's been an ongoing challenge to strike the right balance for a product to hydrate my skin without making it greasy. I've been using Caraline's Daily Hydrate & Nourish Duo for about six weeks and it is a GAME CHANGER! Caraline, where have you been for the last 25 years?!?! The hydrating mist provides nourishing moisture, which is then trapped by the hydrating oil. But, you feel like you aren't wearing anything on your face at all. No more thick balms and waxy masks. My husband noticed a difference right away - so much so that he has become a devout Caraline convert too!!

Super products!

Very moisturizing. I highly recommend them.

Game Changer!

Since using Caraline, my skin has never been softer and so well hydrated! I love the mist (it feels so good) and the oil is incredible. Caraline is really game changing! Thank you for such an amazing product that actually works. I can't wait to see what other products Caraline adds to their line!

Loving the Caraline Skincare products

I am using the Daily Hydrate mist and the Daily Nourish Face Oil and the combination really makes my face seem well hydrated, smooth and soft. These two products are so easy to incorporate into my daily routine and they have really helped combat the dryness of the climate here in Colorado.

Love these products!

I've been using the mist and oil for a bit over a month and my skin has never been happier! The mist feels so good and the oil locks in the moisture. I wasn't sure about oil, but my face feels smooth, not at all greasy. I'm 61 and frequently outside in the dry and sunny Colorado and this combination is so moisturizing. The scent is very very light and lovely. I love the simplicity too: just mist and oil. I run my hands through my hair after, and the oil is great on hair too!

Love the Duo

The face mist followed by the oil has significantly improved the hydration for my face and neck. Even my esthetician said my skin looked so much better!
I use it twice a day in this dry climate.

Light, nourishing, perfect!

I was immediately impressed by the quality and simple use of both products. My skin feels and looks so dewy all day, but I can reapply whenever I need a refresh. I have been using the duo for a couple weeks now and I'm totally in love.

Great products!

Having older skin I wanted to find a great way to moisturize and regain elasticity. The Caraline products seem to be a perfect answer!


The oil and toner are very hydrating. I love the way it feels and look forward to putting it on morning and night. My skin hasn’t felt this hydrated in years.

delicate skin

I am 64 years old and have delicate, sensitive skin. So far I love the way this product hydrates without feeling heavy on my skin. The spritz feels and smells so good. The oil absorbs easily and leaves my skin feeling smooth and full. No redness or sagginess.

Wonderful product!

I’m always skeptical of oils, but this formulation is unlike anything I’ve experienced. My skin doesn’t feel oily like other products. I also really enjoy using the mist throughout the day, especially during cold Colorado days.

I LOVE this oil!

My skin has always been super dry (especially in the winter) and it has been extremely difficult to find a quality, nice-smelling product that actually protects my skin, but this oil has done it! The ingredients are super high quality, and it does not clog my pores, so I feel comfortable using it on a daily basis. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin since using this product - I am in love with the glow it gives me! I pair it with the hydrating mist (mist first, then wait about 5-10 minutes before applying oil) and the two products have left my face in the best state it has ever been. Highly recommend!

Refreshing and Moisturizing Mist!

I use this product daily and my skin has never looked better - my face is definitely hydrated and looks more youthful every day! I love how refreshing it feels and how lovely it smells. I was worried about the floral scent being too strong, but it is perfectly light and could pair with any other skincare products that are a part of your daily routine. I would highly recommend this mist to anyone who needs some more hydration in their skin - and make sure to top it off with the Caraline oil for an unbeatable duo!

Finally, a moisturizer that really hydrates!

Over the past few years, my skin has become increasingly difficult to moisturize. I've tried many, many different products and none of them have felt like they truly hydrate my skin. So the Caraline Daily Hydrate & Nourish Duo is a revelation -- finally, I've found something that works! I’ve been using the two products morning and night for a few weeks and I can honestly say that my skin hasn’t felt so hydrated and nourished in years.


Clean, high quality, my skin feels great! Thank you so much for making something that works for me!

Quenches my thirsty Colorado skin

My skin has changed so much over the years, and living in an arid climate has thrown it for a loop. Using the oil to lock in the moisture from the hydration mist is the solution--finally! At least as delightful as the nourishment from the product is the light scent of both.