Skin Wellness & Positive Aging

Attractive older woman with blond hair, smiling, looking away from the camera

Empowering Language

Caraline Skincare started with a question: why do so many beauty and skincare brands promote themselves as anti-aging solutions, promising to erase wrinkles and turn back the clock? In fact, women are regularly told that aging is bad and a youthful appearance is good. For decades, these age-shaming messages have been perpetuated by the beauty industry and society, in general. 

Attractive older woman with gray hair in a bun wearing a black turtleneck and smiling
Attractive African-American woman with gray hair, wearing a black shirt, smiling at the camera

What’s wrong with looking our age? Nothing. Nada.

We all age in different ways. Isn’t it beautiful that we’re all so different, with unique genetics and varying lifestyles? Whatever has made those lines, well, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to celebrate that fact. 

So, you’ll never hear us tout “anti-aging” or “anti-wrinkle.” In fact, we will never use those terms.  We reject the idea that women who look their age are somehow wrong. Instead, we focus on the unique characteristics and needs of older skin and have created products made with nutrient-rich botanicals and nourishing oils to support long-term skin health.

It’s time to flip the script and start talking about healthy skin and overall wellness as we grow older, rather than turning back time. At Caraline Skincare, we formulate products that support optimal skin health for those who are more focused on living today more fully than ever.