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Billing and payment

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept Shopify Pay, PayPal,Apple Pay and MetaPay.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is accepted and processed.

Product Questions

What should I do if my product was damaged?

We're sorry to hear that! Contact our care team at with your order number, and we'll take care of you.

Do Caraline products use clean ingredients?

Yes! Caroline Skincare is…

  • Free of the 1300 ingredients banned or considered questionable by the European Union, as well as all parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, and synthetic preservatives. 
  • Consciously clean, prioritizing organic ingredients wherever possible. 
  • Crafted in small batches for freshness and potency 
  • Thoughtfully sourced from sustainable and expert growers around the world
  • Professionally formulated by a chemist specialized in herbalism, emulsification, and skincare delivery systems
Are Caraline products gluten-free? 

Yes, all Caraline products are gluten-free meaning free of gluten, wheat, and all of its derivatives (rhye, barley, triticale, malt, etc.).

Are Caraline products organic?

We include certified organic ingredients whenever possible. All certified organic ingredients are noted in our ingredients lists, denoted with an (*). The Daily Nourish Face Oil is 60% organic and the Daily Hydrate Mist is 68.5% organic by volume.

Is Caraline dairy-free? Soy-free? Nut-free?   

There are no dairy or soy ingredients in Caraline products.

We use Macadamia nut oil in the Daily Nourish Face Oil, so proceed with caution if you have allergies or sensitivities to nuts.

Other stuff

When is the Caraline team online?

Caraline is based in Boulder, CO. Hours are 9-5 MT (that’s Mountain Time).  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

I'm media -- I'd like to get more information

Great! Please email us at and let’s chat.

Do you offer samples?

Not yet. Someday soon!

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