Consciously Clean Skincare

The beauty and skincare space has a lot of definitions for natural and clean. There’s no legal definition for these terms, so we’d like to explain our take on what we mean by clean, conscious skincare.

Bottles of Caraline Daily Nourish Face Oil and Daily Hydrate Face Mist

Simple approach

The beauty industry has made skincare complicated, basing its messaging on fear and insecurity.  Trust us, you don’t need twenty-five products for your daily facial care routine. At Caraline, we believe in well-rounded, multi-functional skincare for people who prefer a simple, minimalist approach to taking care of their skin. Formulas are made with cold-pressed oils and extracts  - and are organic when available/possible - resulting in skincare filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that support healthy skin. Caraline products are vegan and cruelty-free.

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Earth Friendly

Caraline Skincare is mindful about our footprint on the planet, from the ingredients we use in our products, to the packaging, recyclability, waste, how we operate the business and more. Our commitment to minimizing our impact is a work in progress – we are a small company and carefully review every element of the business -- while we encourage the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

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Plant-Based Ingredients

We use ingredients that are plant, herb, or root-based. Real whole plant ingredients = Real nourishment for the skin.

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Certified Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

Wherever possible, Caraline uses certified organic ingredients. Doing so ensures a process of production and ingredient safety in addition to agriculture that preserves soil and ecosystems. Sometimes, however, an ingredient isn’t available organic, or the price is prohibitive – this is a judgment call, and non-organic ingredients are included because they deliver essential benefits.  Supply chains are fluid, however, and we are always striving to source the highest-quality ingredients for our products.

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Safe Ingredients

We try not to judge various ingredients, but we have a list of ingredients that we will not use in our formulas. Because we are small and work with batch production partners, we can create and produce our products exactly to our standards.  Below is a list of ingredients you’ll never find in Caraline products: 




Synthetic Dyes/Fragrances






Propylene Glycol

Mineral Oils


Microplastic ingredients



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Quality Ingredients with a Purpose

All ingredients must have a purpose. The ingredients we include in our formulas provide specific benefits for older skin, which has some unique characteristics and needs. The oils we use in our formulas are always cold-pressed and never extracted with chemicals to retain as much of the oil's nutritional value and benefits. Sourcing is a key part of our formulation process and we carefully vet the freshness and quality of each ingredient we use in our products.

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Commitment to Sustainability

We continually review ingredient sourcing partners and supply chains to ensure we are using the highest quality ingredients with low environmental and potentially positive social impact. We review shipping, packaging materials, and operational procedures on a regular basis and strive to improve as we go.

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Recyclable Packaging and Zero Waste Values

We are a small, new company but are committed to the reduction of plastic going into landfills and to recyclable materials like glass and FSC-paper cartons.Products are packaged in glass, which is recyclable at curbside, and cartons are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)- certified paper. While we are not where we want to be just yet, we strive to be a better steward of the planet’s resources.